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Launching Degrees+ is on a mission to increase access to high-quality college education and dramatically reduce student debt. They partnered with a nonprofit university to launch Degrees+, three online degree programs that can be fully funded with a Pell Grant. They needed copy for an integrated marketing campaign that embodied their optimistic and empathetic brand voice.

Program Brochures

Degrees+ Applied Computing Brochure Cover.png
Degrees+ Business Admin Brochure Cover.png
Degrees+ Liberal Studies Brochure Cover.png

Website Copy


National TV Ad

Social Media Ads

Degrees STATIC_ Cost V2 story.png
M Military Story Soldier Maximize.png
Bachelor 1x1 Taylor Bank.png
Degrees Carousel_ GENERAL 13 (2) (1).png


Blog Post

Email Onboarding Series

Onboarding Email Series 1
Onboarding Email Series 2
Onboarding Email Series 3
Degrees+ Onboarding Email 4.png
Degrees+ Onboarding Email 5.png
Degrees+ Onboarding Email 6.png
Degrees+ Onboarding Email 7.png
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